Insurance is complex and there are a myriad of policies on the market offering to protect you and your business against a wide variety of risks. The question is, which policy is right for you?

By using a broker, you engage a specialist who can save you time and money and give you peace of mind if disaster strikes. Better still, consider a broker who is a member of the Austbrokers Group, a national organisation that sets stringent ethical standards for its members and enjoys immense buying and negotiating power in the Australian insurance industry.

Austbrokers Dalby Pty Ltd is a current member of the Austbrokers Group.
We offer professional advice and arrange the most appropriate insurance cover for your chosen needs, often using a choice of insurance packages specially developed for Austbrokers Group brokers’ client.

You’ll also find us ready and willing to help when you need to make a claim or review your circumstances.

And remember, we represent you, the insurance buyer, not the insurer.