Claims Assistance… smoothing the process for fast and fair settlements.

If an event occurs which may give rise to a claim, please contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with assistance and advice with a view to smoothing the claim process. Insurers settle the great majority of claims promptly and fairly according to the terms of cover but you should not hesitate to contact us if you feel your claim is not proceeding to your expectations. As your Broker, we are here to help.

Our Recommended Procedure for Lodging Claims
We believe your interests are still best protected by lodging claims in the time proven way – by calling us first. We are then able to advise you how to proceed and we will notify your insurer – urgently if circumstances so dictate. Subsequently you should submit claim documentation through our office. In this way we are aware of the progress of your claim and are able to offer assistance should it be needed.

Your obligations when it comes to claiming
Your policy wording (Product Disclosure Statement) contains the terms of cover. It requires you to do or not do certain things in relation to claims. To help you preserve your rights, we provide the following general guidelines but recommend you read the relevant part of your policy wording.

What you must do
If an event happens which may give rise to a claim you must:

  • Take all reasonable precautions to minimise the claim and prevent further loss, damage or liability.
  • Notify the police immediately of any theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or lost property (your Insurer may ask for a copy of the police Incident Report).
  • Send to us immediately any letter or communication from other parties.
  • Tell us immediately of any notice of impending prosecution or details of any inquest or official inquiry.
  • As far as possible preserve any products, appliances, plant or other items which might prove necessary or useful as evidence.

What you must not do

  • Do not authorise repairs to or arrange replacement of any insured property without the Insurer’s consent, other than emergency repairs necessary to prevent further loss or for safety reasons. Retain all receipts for emergency repairs.
  • Do not dispose of any damaged property until the Insurer has had the opportunity to inspect the damage.
  • Do not make an offer, settlement, promise or payment.

Verification of value and ownership
When you make a claim for loss or damage your Insurer will ask you to provide verification of value, ownership and type of the property. Receipts, valuations, photographs and instruction manuals will assist you to verify ownership and establish the value of the item.

We are here to help

When it comes to claims, we understand that you want action and a fair settlement. If you are not getting it from the insurer, our advice and assistance is readily available. Please call us.